Patience, Patience, You’ll Go To Paradise!

Patience, Patience, You’ll Go To Paradise!
reż. Hadja Lahbib/Belgia, Francja, 2015/87 min

Fifty years after emigrating to Brussels, seven North African Muslim women are finally starting to taste freedom after decades raising their families behind closed doors. In the 1960s, thousands of North Africans came to work in Belgium. Among them were women who had left everything behind to follow their men to an unknown country. “Patience, patience — you’ll get to heaven,” is what these women are repeatedly told to encourage them to put up with their lives without complaining.In this heartwarming new documentary we follow as seven women decide to experience a life of freedom before it’s too late. Together, everything becomes possible and slowly but surely the seven women venture out discovering a whole world they hadn’t previously known.

  • projection time:
    87 min
  • country/year:
    Belgium, France, 2015
  • director:
    Hadja Lahbib
  • pictures:
    Vincent Hufty, Yannick Dolivo, Cyril Blaise, Jonas Canon
  • production:
    Les Passeurs de Lumière
  • selected festivals and awards:

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