Millennium Docs Against Gravity (formerly PLANETE+ DOC FF) is one of Europe’s main documentary film festivals, the recipient of the Polish Film Institute’s award for the most important international film event in Poland. This year the festival will once again take place in a number of cities throughout the country. The WEEKEND WITH MILLENNIUM DOCS AGAINST GRAVITY will consist of premieres of last year’s best documentary movies and the viewers will select the winner of the Arthouse Cinemas Network Award.

Join us in cinemas throughout the country!


A Good American (Dobry Amerykanin), Austria, 2015, 101 min., director: Friedrich Moser
Alphabet (Alfabet), Austria, 2013, 113 min., director: Erwin Wagenhofer
Don Juan (Don Juan), Sweden, Finland, 2015, 92 min., director: Jerzy Śladkowski
Facebookistan (Facebookistan), Denmark, 2015, 59 min., director: Jakob Gottschau
Giovanni and the Water Ballet (Giovanni i jego wodny balet), The Netherlands, 2014, 17 min., director: Astrid Bussink
Mother’s Wish (Matki), Finland, Denmark, Sweden, 2015, 85 min., director: Joonas Berghäll
My Life: Breaking Free (Moje życie: wyzwolenie), UK, 2014, 28 min., director: Kate Monaghan
The Pearl Button (Perłowy guzik), Chile, France, Spain, 2015, 82 min., director: Patricio Guzmán
Under the Sun (Pod opieką wiecznego słońca), Russia, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, North Korea, 2015, 106 min., director: Vitaly Mansky
Requiem for the American Dream (Requiem dla amerykańskiego snu), USA, 2015, 73 min., director: Peter D. Hutchison, Kelly Nyks, Jared P. Scott
Sonita (Sonita), Iran, Germany, Switzerland, 2015, 91 min., director: Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami
The Swedish Theory of Love (Szwedzka teoria miłości), Sweden, 2015, 76 min., director: Erik Gandini
Those who feel the fire burning (O tych, którzy płoną), Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, 2014, 75 min., director: Morgan Knibbe
Ukrainian Sheriffs (Ukraińscy szeryfowie), Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, 2015, 85 min., director: Roman Bondarchuk
Velvet Terrorists (Aksamitni terroryści), Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, 2013, 87 min., director: Ivan Ostrochovsky, Pavol Pekarčík, Peter Kerekes



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