Erbarme dich – Matthäus Passion Stories

Erbarme dich - Matthäus Passion Stories
reż. Ramon Gieling/Holandia, 2015/97 min

“Erbarme dich – Matthäus Passion Stories” is a labyrinthine narrative in which notables such as Peter Sellars, Emio Greco, Simon Halsey and painter Rinke Nijburg explain their special relationship with Bach’s St Matthew Passion to Ramón Gieling. They speak against the backdrop of a church which has fallen into disrepair, while a choir of homeless people and Pieter Jan Leusink’s Bach Choir & Orchestra rehearse the Passion. Leusink isn't just the conductor, he is one of the main characters himself, with a painful past in which this musical piece has played a dominant role. Stories from the others alternate seamlessly with this. We learn how the St Matthew Passion played a decisive role in the relations between men and women, fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, mothers and their unborn children, and finally that in spite of our differences we all find a common denominator in the secret of Bach's music.

  • projection time:
    97 min
  • country/year:
    Netherlands, 2015
  • director:
    Ramon Gieling
  • pictures:
    Goert Giltay
  • production:
  • selected festivals and awards:
    2015 – IFF Rotterdam, 2015 – Zagrebdox Zagreb, 2015 – Cracow Film Festival, 2015 – T-Mobile NH

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