The Wood Brothers concert

Café Kulturalna
21.05.2016, 22.00

The Wood Brothers are an inimitable mixture of blues and folk combined with resonant and intelligent lyrics. The American trio consists of brothers Chris and Oliver Wood and the multi-instrumentalist Jano Rix. Chris Wood is famous as being one of the leading contemporary double bass players and a member of the world renowned experimental jazz band – Madeski, Martin & Wood
Their new album, “Paradise” is a bitter sweet musical poem on the American dream and a society which dreamt that dream for a long time, and often enough is dreaming it still. A search for human connections in a world where relations between people gradually become virtual whilst respectively we become more and more distant.

“It all adds up to a more cohesive set of tunes, although the guys remain uninterested in adhering to any type of genre boundary” – The Rolling Stone on the new The Wood Brothers album.

During the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival we will present the I Am the Blues documentary, which is a journey into the deep south of USA. There, in the bayous of Mississippi blues was born and is still performed by, its often unknown, legends. This is the blues that is the mother of the majority of modern music genres.