Oncle Bernard – A Counter-Lesson in Economics

Oncle Bernard – A Counter-Lesson in Economics
reż. Richard Brouillette/Kanada, Hiszpania, 2015/79 min

Filmed in 2000 during the making of Encirclement – Neo-Liberalism Ensnares Democracy, this interview with Bernard Maris, aka Uncle Bernard, is a fascinating conversation with an independent thinker who was the economic analyst at Charlie Hebdo, assassinated with his colleagues last January. A tireless debunker of the myths that prop up an ever less transparent market economy, this peerless populariser of ideas had a vision of the world founded on social solidarity – a vision that needs exposure more than ever before. Keeping edits to a minimum, Richard Brouillette also includes candid off-camera moments whose warmth honours the man beyond the thinker, and with him the living spirit of Charlie.

  • projection time:
    79 min
  • country/year:
    Canada, Spain, 2015
  • director:
    Richard Brouillette
  • pictures:
    Michel Lamothe
  • production:
    Les films du passeur
  • selected festivals and awards:
    2015 – CPH:DOX Copenhagen, 2015 – IFF Montreal, 2015 – IFF Stockholm

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