Café Kulturalna
13.05.2016, 22.00

Kutiman is a musician, composer, producer and a visual artist from Israel. In 2009 he became an online phenomenon due to his album “Thru-You”, in which Kutiman created music by combining a variety of unrelated Youtube video clips; thus, creating a melodic and at the same time groundbreaking opus. The worldwide success of the project translated into over 11 million hits on Youtube.
The musical visions of Kutiman find their artistic expression in his collective – Kutiman Orchestra. Their music meanders from psychedelic jazz, through rhythmic notes of afrobeat, to futuristic sounds familiar to soundtracks from since fiction films.

On one hand we have here notes of radiant funk and on the other a substantially psychedelic kind of music – a combination which may seemed to be doomed right from the start. Nonetheless, Kutiman is a master of mixing and what seemed to be in opposition becomes a harmonic symbiosis. His key to success is a carefully crafted band, which under the proud banner of Kutiman Orchestra accomplish the goal of innovatively merging an array of sounds.

During Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival we will hold the Polish premiere of Presenting Princess Shaw telling the story of a collaboration between Kutiman and Princess Shaw from New Orleans (a little known Youtube musician who soon obliviously was to become an internet star). Thru You Princess will be the opening film of the festival.

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