Debate: “Who is the modern cinema spectator?” after the screening of The Amazed Spectator 3D

16.05.2016, 20.11

What draws us to movie theaters? What needs do we meet when we’re watching a movie in the cinema?  Do we want to laugh, feel moved, spend time with others or by ourselves, contemplating life and the world we live in, or do we want to escape from this world? Are these desires mutually exclusive? Join us after the screening of The Amazed Spectator for a debate seeking to answer these questions and many more.
The role of the moviegoer and the goals of sitting down in front of the silver screen have been evolving together with the technological advances of cinematography. 3D movies became a symbol of this progress. Edgar Pêra uses 3D filming both as a magic trick and the background narration of his surrealist philosophical journey, The Amazed Spectator. Pêra’s movie is not just a general essay on the state of the cinema – it demands introspection from its spectators.

Where are today’s moviegoers heading along with the movies? Are we able to predict this? Laura Mulvey, a noted film theorist and one of the precursors of feminist film theory, sums it up in The Amazed Spectator: “Cinema makes uncertainty certain“.

The panel will be composed of:

Edgar Pêra – the director of The Amazed Spectator, author of 3X3D co-directed with Jean-Luc Godard and Peter Greenaway,

Beata Chmiel – culture manager

Michał Chaciński – film critic, journalist, producer


Katarzyna Malinowska – journalist, head of the Feature and Documentary Film Department in TVP Kultura

Partner: TVP Kultura