Vitaly Mansky

Vitaly Manskiy (1963) – he studied at All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography. Since 1989 he has shot more than 30 films. His works were presented at more than 400 international film festivals. He was awarded with more than 50 awards and prizes in Russia and abroad. His films were shown on the leading channels in practically all European countries, as well as in Japan, Australia, China, Canada and other countries. Since 1996 Manskiy has been working on a project that aims at archivation of amateur private video files that were shot in the times of the former USSR from 30’s till 90’s of the ХХth century. Thus we have the unique archives of one and only films – evidences of the Soviet society’s private life. Since  1995 he has been popularizing documental films on the Television. Manskiy was the author and producer of the TV project “Reality cinema”, where one could see premières of the best world documental films. In the same year he became director of the Film Demonstration Service, and then the first General producer of the channel “REN – TV”, on which hundreds of best documentary films from all over the world were shown for the first time. In 1999 he went to the “Russia” channel, where he became Head of Production and demonstration of documentary projects Service. Being a director, he released more than 300 films that were demonstrated on channels “Russia”, “First Channel”, “NTV”, “STS”, “Culture”, “7TV”. Manskiy became one of the founders of the guild of “Non-fiction cinema and television of Russia”. Vitaly Manskiy is a director of Under the Sun presented during 13. edition of the festival Millennium Docs Against Gravity.