Richard Brouillette

Richard Brouillette (1970) – film producer, director, editor and programmer. Starting as a film critic for the Montréal weekly, “Voir” (1989), he then worked for Québec’s top independent distribution company, Cinéma Libre (1989-1999), which has since folded. In 1993, he founded the artist-run center Casa Obscura, a multi-disciplinary exhibition space, where he still runs a weekly cine-club. He produced and directed Too Much Is Enough (1995); Carpe Diem (1995); Encirclement – Neo-Liberalism Ensnares Democracy (2008); Prends garde à la douceur des choses (2014) and Oncle Bernard – A Counter-Lesson in Economics (2015). He also took part in the collective film St-Henri, the 26th of August (2011), and produced seven feature length films (including six documentaries). In 2014 he won the CALQ Award for best artist of the year in Mauricie.