Mirosław Dembiński

Mirosław Dembiński (1959) – director and producer with degrees in mathematics from the Toruń University and in direction from the National Film School in Łódź, where he’s been teaching documentary filmmaking since 1990. Dembiński authored almost 30 movies and TV shows (mainly documentaries), and received numerous awards at international film festivals. His most important films include: “My Little Everest”, an etude on mountain climbing; “The Orange Alternative” about a street happening in Communist-era Poland; “The Fruits of the Black Soil” about pollution; “The Summons” – a feature film based on a widely publicized court case against an emergency department doctor; “Icarus”, the portrait of a paraglider’s tragic death; “It Is Necessary to Live” – a TV show about people battling addiction; “Shared Flight” – the tale of a paraplegic paraglider; “Losers and Winners” about world football championships for the homeless; “Grandpa” – the portrait of an 80-year-old paraglider; “Dwarfs Go To Ukraine” – a glance at the Orange Revolution from the point of view of young Poles; “A Lesson of Belarusian” about the protests of young Belarusians surrounding the rigged presidential elections in 2006; and “Music partisans” about young Belarusian rock bands opposing the Lukashenko regime.