Marek Gajczak

Marek Gajczak studied at the Łódź Film School’s cinematography department and completed the Masterclass for DOP workshop in Budapest. While he was still a student, he began winning numerous international awards – his etiude A Method for Moravia was screened at the young filmmakers review of the Cannes Film Festival and won the Silver Tadpole at the Camerimage festival in Poland. Gajczak received the cinematography award at the European Short Film Festival in Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg for his work in Adam Guziński’s short feature Antichrist. This movie was also submitted for an Academy Award after winning the Grand Prix at the 2002 Bilbao festival. Gajczak debuted as a screenwriter and director with his 2006 feature film The Underneath. He collaborated with the TVN TV station and Polish Television. Currently works mainly as a cinematographer and documentary and feature film director. Marek Gajczak is a codirector of Jarocin presented during 13. edition of the festival Millennium Docs Against Gravity.