Arto Halonen

Arto Halonen (1964) is internationally award-winning documentary and fiction film director and producer, who is known for socially strong-stance subjects.  His first fiction feature film Princess (2010) got more than 300 000 viewers in cinemas in Finland and became one of the most financially successful Finnish features of the last decade. Arto Halonen’s latest fiction feature film A Patriotic Man had its Finnish premiere in December 2013. The films rights have been sold to 24 countries. Halonen’s documentary films have attracted much public debate and have received numerous international awards. The Shadow of the Holy Book is one of the most distributed Finnish documentary films worldwide, and it has been nominated for the European Film Academy’s award for the best documentary of the year in 2008. In 2008, Halonen received the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The festival’s official statement described Halonen as one of the most important documentary filmmakers of his time, saying his work contributes to the development of documentaries on an international scale. Arto Halonen is a director of White Rage presented during 13. edition of the festival Millennium Docs Against Gravity.